Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Clinical Trial Information: Lucatumumab + Bendamustine

Trial Information: 50 patients are being recruited for a Phase I trial of the new anti-CD40 monoclonal antibody lucatumumab (aka HCD122). Patients must have follicular lymphoma and have become resistant to rituximab following previous therapy. Patients will be given combination therapy of lucatumumab with bendamustine, a relatively new alkylating agent.

Background Information: Lucatumumab is a new Novartis antibody which targets CD40, a protein on the surface of B cells (including cancerous B cells) which may also attract the immune system to target the cancer cell. It is a fully human antibody. In previous Phase I trials, 4 of 12 follicular lymphoma patients responded, including one who achieved complete remission.
Bendamustine is a Soviet bloc alkylating agent, the use of which was revived in Western countries after the Cold War. There are currently a number of studies evaluating whether bendamustine is as effective as (and can replace) conventional chemotherapy regimens like CHOP and CVP, in combination with antibodies like rituximab or, in this case, lucatumumab.

Trial Countries: United States

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