Friday, January 14, 2011

New Clinical Trial Information: Imetelstat Sodium Telemerase Inhibitor

Trial Information: 45 young patients will be recruited for a Phase I study of the new telemerase inhibitor imetelstat. Patients must be under 21 years old and have any solid tumor or lymphoma cancer, except for brain tumors or metastases. They must have relapsed or been resistant (refractory) to previous retreatment.

Imetelstat monotherapy will be given intravenously on the first and eighth days of one or more 21-day treatment cycles, continuing until progression or serious side effects. This is a Phase I trial, meaning the primary objective of the researchers will be to identify the maximum tolerated dose in patients.

Background Information: Telomerase is an enzyme that appears to play a role in reducing aging of DNA in tumor cells (rendering them immortal). Telomerase inhibitors target this process, which is present in some form in almost all types of cancer.

A number of trials of imetelstat have already begun in other types of cancer. Phase II trials started early last year, focusing on the areas where imetelstat seemed strongest (including multiple myeloma and breast cancer). The fact that patients can have any type of refractory cancer should probably be taken as an indication that this trial is about evaluating whether the drug is safe in children and teenagers, rather than upon zeroing in on a particular type of cancer.

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